What We Want From Resident Evil 2 DLC

When speculations of “Resident Evil 2” DLC started to circulate in the wake of a Steam update, we couldn’t help it. My mind went into overdrive, thinking of the many different directions this could go. Sure, Capcom may not have confirmed anything and this is all conjecture, but a gamer can dream. 

Though “Ghost Survivors” was a trio of fun “what if…” scenarios that showcased the outbreak in Raccoon City from the perspectives of Hunk, Robert Kendo, and Katherine Warren, I would hope something that may have remained under lock and key would be a bit more robust. After returning to “Resident Evil 2” in wake of the Steam updates and putting some thought into it, I’ve come up with a few things I’d love to see out of new DLC.

Where In Raccoon City Is Annette Birkin?

Up until the last act of “Resident Evil 2,” Annette Birkin is nowhere to be seen. We know she’s busy fussing around in the underground lab, but doing what? Based on her final encounter with William Birkin’s mutated form, we can assume the two had a few run-ins, so what if the new DLC focused on her story and their interactions?

We pick up as Annette in the wake of the outbreak when she finds her husband injecting himself with the G-Virus. He scurries off as the infection takes over and she sets out to put him down. Sure, we know how her story ends, but at least we’d get to craft those nifty anti-virus capsules she keeps shooting William with. 

In his relentless, evolutionary quest to track down Sherry, William could impede Annette’s progress just as Mr. X does with Leon and Claire.

The Marvin Chronicles

We get a glimpse of what happened at the Raccoon Police Department in the early hours of the outbreak through scattered documents and Marvin’s dialogue. It even plays out during the events of “Outbreak File # 2.” With “Resident Evil 2” DLC, players could take control of Marvin on the day everything goes to hell to witness the collapse of RPD.

Picture it. He arrives to work, murmurings of something unusual happening on the streets coursing through the old building. It’s not long before chaos erupts and the police department is forced into lockdown as the virus changes the citizens of Raccoon City. 

When Leon and Claire first arrived at the RPD, many windows were boarded up and there were barricades scattered about. Wouldn’t you love to play as Marvin as he and his fellow officers frantically try (and fail) to secure the police department?

A Hapless Citizen In An Undead World

“Resident Evil 7” was the first time in the series’ history that players controlled some Joe Schmoe that finds himself caught up in a bioweapon outbreak. While not everyone loved it, it was a great shift from the expected. What if new “Resident Evil 2” DLC pulls the same thing and puts gamers in the shoes of an unknown citizen of Raccoon City?

Since we know nothing of this character, Capcom could do whatever they wish. Do they try to escape to the police department via the sewers, putting them in perilous territory? Were they arrested shortly before the outbreak and are in the thick of the action when the virus was released? It’s unlikely we’d explore a different part of the city, but there is plenty of space to work with in “Resident Evil 2” to craft a unique story.

Playing As Mr. X

Thanks to the beta of “Project Resistance,” a future multiplayer “Resident Evil” game, we know that playing as the hulking Mr. X is 100% possible. We also know, thanks to “Resident Evil 6,” that there can be a competitive multiplayer component worked into the core series. Combine the two and throw them into “Resident Evil 2,” and you have the makings of an unforgettable DLC.

Players have the option to make their game public, allowing others to jump in as the lumbering tyrant. The AI version of Mr. X is determined to stay on the player’s trail. Imagine how much more terrifying he could be if controlled by a human opponent? Of course, there would need to be some deterrent to camping to prevent players from planting their big feet outside of save rooms and inaccessible areas, but it could definitely work.

The DLC could also take a cue from “Project Resistance” and allow players to jump between bioweapons, so the multiplayer can carry throughout the entire game. 

Scenario A-da

Maybe my least favorite option is a scenario that follows Ada Wong, the elusive double-agent responsible for saving Leon’s life on numerous occasions. We’ve played as Ada before and know her story, so there is little a DLC add-on could expand upon that we haven’t already unraveled.

However, she did have that neat scanner gadget, is a bit more limber than Claire and Leon, and it would be great to know what she was up to for much of Leon’s playthrough. Knowing she’s a bit of a villainous character could certainly change up the tone. 

At the very least, we could finally find out where she got that convenient rocket launcher from!

What I Don’t Want From ‘Resident Evil 2’ DLC

I’ve thought long and hard about this, and there is one possible option that I absolutely don’t want, and that’s content that follows Sherry Birkin. Her presence in “Resident Evil 2” was absolutely welcomed, but I in no way want to play through an entire scenario as a helpless character. 

Sherry’s segment in the orphanage was one of the game’s best bits, but I don’t need to guide the unarmed 12-year-old throughout the horrors of Raccoon City. I don’t mind running away out of necessity, but I thoroughly enjoy having the option to defend myself.

Also, I don’t want to be responsible for the death of a young girl. That’s way too much responsibility.

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