‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Images Detail Game Features and Characters

First officially announced at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the “Final Fantasy VII” remake has been on our radar for quite some time. Information trickled in incredibly slowly at first, but with the March 2020 release date just months away, it’s time for an overload of details. The next wave of information, which comes after an extended clip of in-game footage at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, is a series of screenshots showcasing the game’s menus, combat, minigames, and more.

The screengrabs, which were revealed via the PlayStation Blog, shows an entirely different game than what we played in 1997. “Final Fantasy VII” featured some customization options in the form of Materia and different weapons, but the remake is adding another layer. A menu of stats for Cloud’s signature Buster Sword shows off different Cores, which alter character and weapon stats and Materia slots. Based on the image, Cores can be changed with the press of a button and can add status effects to different weapons. 

Weapons will also have levels, which increase the more the weapon is used. One image shows a level three Buster Sword with the “Focused Thrust” ability. When an ability’s proficiency reaches 100% for that weapon, it becomes usable. In this example, Cloud’s Buster Sword can stagger foe on the battlefield.   

Looking to really entice players, Square Enix provided PlayStation Blog with visually striking images of Cloud, Aerith, and Chocobo & Moogle in mid-combat. Chocobo & Moogle is a new playable character that will carry the original’s penchant for quirky protagonists. Combat is colorful and dynamic and is a giant leap from the turn-based combat of its predecessor. 

Also included in the dump of screenshots is a look at the Assess ability, which overlays the battlefield with enemy stats; a glimpse at the dartboard minigame in Seventh Heaven; and familiar characters like Reno and Rude. 

Tetsuya Nomura, director of the “Final Fantasy VII” remake, also recently confirmed players would face off against new bosses. “When you think of Midgar’s final boss, you probably think of M.O.T.O.R., but in this game new bosses will appear and add to the excitement of the story even more,” he wrote in a post on the Square Enix blog.

The long-awaited “Final Fantasy VII” remake is scheduled for release on March 3, 2020 for the PS4. Slated to release in two parts, Square Enix recently announced that it was already working on the second part, but no timeframe has been set for its release. Though the PS5 will likely launch before the remake is released in its entirety, it’s likely that the second part will still be available on the PS4. According to Square Enix, parts one and two will be playable on Sony’s new console.

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