Hidden Achievement Hints At Future ‘Resident Evil 2’ DLC

Though everything has been quiet on the “Resident Evil 2” front, a recent discovery may hint at future DLC for the critically acclaimed remake. Keen eyes noticed the addition of a new achievement after an update on the game’s Steam Achievements page

All the way at the bottom of the list, just below the “Got ‘Em” achievement for destroying all Mr. Raccoons, players found “EN_name.” The mysterious achievement has no description, no official name, no completion percentage, and shows an image of Kanji text on the Japanese page. When translated, the text reads, “Placeholder.” 

On the English page, the image simply says “unlock.” While it’s not a surefire guarantee that Capcom is working on anything new, it would seem odd to start adding achievements nearly a year out from the game’s release if nothing was on the docket. The achievement also isn’t the only hint that Capcom is up to something.

Further supporting the notion of incoming content was an update on the game’s branches on Steam. Used for internal testing, branches often indicate work being performed on a locked build of the game. In the case of “Resident Evil 2,” four new branches were added over the past two days. 

It’s still not quite enough to start planning a return to Raccoon City with new DLC, especially considering how silent Capcom has been about the future of “Resident Evil 2.” With the anniversary only two months away, we would be lucky to receive any surprise, even a “Game of the Year” or “Gold Edition” rerelease. 

On January 11, 2019, Capcom transported players back to the blood-soaked streets of Raccoon City. The “Resident Evil 2” remake proved a successful return to the core elements of the original series, earning praise for its visual style, sound design, and handling of survival horror gameplay. So far, the game has only received one DLC pack featuring three new scenarios and another featuring cosmetic items and a “soundtrack swap.”

“Resident Evil 2” effectively retold the story of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. “The Ghost Survivors” DLC showcased a trio of supporting characters, including Umbrella Security Service operative Hunk, gunshop owner Robert Kendo, and the mayor’s daughter Katherine Warren. Where Capcom could go from here is all a matter of its desire to further expand on “Resident Evil 2” lore or utilize additional characters in timed side-stories.

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