State of Play 2019 Announcement Round-Up

The Game Awards week is always a busy one in terms of game announcements, but this year it has been even more so, with Sony and Nintendo putting on smaller-scale announcement shows of their own before the big industry event on Friday.

Here are what we consider to be the highlights of Sony’s latest State of Play live-stream.

Untitled Goose Game On PS4 (And Xbox One)

Although Untitled Goose Game was for a short time a Nintendo Switch exclusive on consoles, Melbourne based independent developer House House took the opportunity to reveal the game would be coming to other systems.

No DLC or changes have currently been announced between the various versions, but if you’ve yet to try out this honking good (I’ll see myself out.) Game of the Year contender because you’ve been waiting for it to come to other platforms, you’ll finally be able to play on December 17th 2019.

Update: Shortly after the stream ended, Xbox announced that the title will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. 


The wizarding Battle Royale game Spellbreak announced it would also be coming to the PlayStation 4, with its closed beta starting in the spring of 2020.  Playing the beta will require the purchase of something called a “PS4 Founder’s Pack”, the details of which have yet to be announced.   

Dreams Release Date

Media Molecule recently announced that they’d be ending Dreams Early Access and doing a “Best of Dreams” awards show called the IMPY Awards on January 26th, which left gamers wondering when they could get their hands on the final release of the game and it’s mysterious Single Player campaign. 

Fans of the developer and their half-game, half-game-creation-tool won’t have much longer to wait however, with the announcement of a Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) 2020 release. Unfortunately most gamers will be going to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie that day, so they’ll probably get started on their new Dreams on the 15th instead. 

Superliminal Coming To PS4

Pillow Castle’s long-awaited puzzle game Superliminal announced that it would no longer be a PC exclusive as of 2020, with an impressive trailer that yet again showcased the unique and mind-bending gameplay hook of playing with perspectives to manipulate the size of objects to progress.

No word on a release date for this one, but it’s nice to know it’s on the way. 

Predator: Hunting Grounds Release Date

Zombie Studios’ asymmetrical multiplayer combat game Predator: Hunting Grounds released a new trailer as part of the show that revealed some quick snippets of gameplay from the upcoming release, as well as the reveal of the inclusion of a female Predator that looks absolutely deadly with her bow and arrows. 

It also included a release date. ⁠If you’re ready to hunt-or-be-hunted you can play the game (which is an exclusive to the PlayStation, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment) on April 24th, 2020. 

First Gameplay Look At Babylon’s Fall

Platinum Games and Square Enix first announced Babylon’s Fall back at E3 2018, but the trailer was just concept art and a pre-rendered video. A year on, the project looks much further ahead with the type of action gameplay fans of the development studio adore on full show.

With a painterly graphical style and a self-described ‘intense combat focus’, the game looks like it’s shaping up nicely. At the end of the trailer, we were told there’d be more info in the summer of 2020, so we have to assume that we’ll hear more at or around the time of E3 2020.

Project REsistance Now Resident Evil: Resistance, Will Come With Resident Evil 3 Remake

In a brilliant fake-out, Sony told us that we’d be seeing footage from the already announced Project REstistance —an asymmetrical multiplayer game that puts one person in control of Umbrella’s horrific monsters and four players in charge of surviving the nightmare. 

What we actually saw however, was the first trailer for the Resident Evil 3 Remake —a game that had leaked via PSN about a week prior. It was then confirmed that the two titles would be released together, with Resident Evil Resistance basically taking on the role of the games multiplayer mode. 

The biggest surprise of the entire stream however was the reveal that the game would release just 14 months after the Resident Evil 2 Remake, hitting store shelves on April 3rd 2020.  We’re very glad that we don’t have to wait 17 years again, like we did between the Resident Evil 1 Remake and its especially well-received 2019 sequel. 

This was Sony’s best State of Play announcement stream yet, with a wide range of news and updates that make us feel a lot more confident about the PlayStation brand as we finish up the year.  Sony have also confirmed that there will be a Ghost of Tsushima reveal at The Game Awards, so be sure to check in on that later in the week.

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