Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Adds Dan Southworth’s Quantum Ranger

When nWay’s Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid initially launched back in March it was light on content to say the least, with an unfinished story mode that left gamers on a cliff-hanger and a roster that was somewhat smaller than fans had been initially led to believe. 

What was there of the game was very fun however. Battle for the Grid is a fighting game that lands somewhere between Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Radiant Entertainment’s scrapped Rising Thunder. It’s designed not around complex inputs but instead around judging what your opponent will do next and using your simple inputs as effectively as you can. 

nWay also made the wise decision to include cross-play connectivity on any platform for the game that would allow it, which has led to a somewhat active Battle for the Grid fighting game community to pop up online. 

Thanks to this support, the game has had many content updates since launch that address the concerns of both the fans and the fighting game community alike. This includes not only the completion of the single player campaign, but the addition of both stages and over half a dozen mostly fan-favourite characters from across the Power Rangers brand. 

I Need More Quantum Power

Currently on its second season pass and third wave of new characters, the latest spandex clad warrior to come and defend the grid from the notorious Lord Drakkon is Eric Myers, otherwise known as the Quantum Ranger.

In Battle for the Grid, playing the Quantum Ranger involves focusing primarily on long range attacks and air projectiles from the Quantum Defender to juggle your opponent in the air for as long as you can.  

Unlike other Battle for the Grid characters Eric is also unique as his Super grants the ranger a short-term alternate move set on a timer, with which he can attack the opponent with his Quantum Defender in Sword Mode instead.

Time For Time Force

A character loosely based upon Naoto Takizawa from the 24th iteration of Super Sentai (a show called Mirai Sentai Timeranger) Eric Myers was a lot like his Japanese counterpart TimeFire than is often typical of the American version of the show.

Eric attended the same private school as Wes (the Time Force Red Ranger) but was not born into the same wealth and privilege and had to work hard just to be there. Eventually he dropped out of the school and joined the military when he decided the other rich students were looking down on him, despite Wes’ attempts to become friends.  

Eventually joining the paramilitary organization ‘Silver Guardians’ to defend the city of Silver Hills from the attacks of the mutant fugitive from the future known as Ransik, Eric found out that Wes had become a Power Ranger. His resentment flared up and he want on a quest to gain powers of his own, eventually forcibly becoming the Quantum Ranger. 

After gaining these powers, Eric very much remained a loner —but would work with both his squad of fellow Silver Guardians and even the rest of the Power Rangers from Time Force when circumstances absolutely needed him to. 

By the end of the show, he and Wes came to understand each other and would go on to work with the Silver Guardians to protect Silver Hills and potentially even the rest of the planet together as friends. 

Pull My Devil Trigger

Notable about this DLC character release is that nWay has talked actor Dan Southworth to return to the role of Eric Myers for the first time since the Power Rangers Wild Force anniversary episode “Forever Red” all the way back in October 2002. 

In the years following Power Rangers Time Force, Southworth has had a successful career that involves martial arts, acting, motion capture and voice acting. Perhaps most notably, he played Dante’s often shady brother twin brother Vergil in Capcom’s fantastic Devil May Cry hack-and-slash franchise and 2011’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. 

Eric went live in Battle for the Grid’s version 1.6 update alongside other various bug fixes and balance changes. You can purchase him separately for $6 USD or as a part of the Season 2 Character Pass, which will also let you play as other fan favourite warriors like SPD’s Doggie Kruger or Jungle Fury’s Dai Shi and give you a bonus skin for the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger that will let Tommy Oliver use his alternate Mighty Morphin White Ranger powers instead. 

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid and it’s Season 2 Pass (including Quantum Ranger) are available right now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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