Xbox One Controllers Compatible With Xbox “Project Scarlett”

At E3 2019 Phil Spencer mentioned that “Project Scarlett” would be ‘compatible across generations’.  As you might expect, this includes Xbox One Controllers Compatible with older game software — likely an extension of the system that’s already in place on the Xbox One. However it also includes Xbox One accessories like headsets and controllers. 

Spencer explained that the choice wasn’t really a choice, but instead just allows Xbox to be “respecting the purchases gamers have made” on their platform.  It also only makes sense as Microsoft continues its effective transformation into a ‘device and services’ company over time and the company looks to do away with console generations and move to a hardware release model more in line with the half-step upgrades seen more prominently in the smartphone and tablet market.

With the Xbox head having previously gone on record to champion the Universal Windows Platform system and having stated that he wants the Xbox platform to “feel a little bit more like we see on PC” the idea of giving Xbox players their own choice of input devices for their favourite game titles only makes sense, while simultaneously continuing to blur the line between console and computer. 

On Oct 18th 2019 Xbox product marketing manager James Shields recently reconfirmed via. Twitter that all Xbox One controllers will work on next-gen Xbox “Project Scarlett”. This is good news for not only gamers with limited mobility that require the use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, but also those that are excited for the rather expensive ‘premium’ Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 release later this holiday season.

This overall pro-consumer move could also be seen as removing yet another barrier for entry when it comes to purchasing “Project Scarlett”, providing gamers with a high-quality Player-2 controller on the day they get their new console. 

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